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Ear1 helps you connect directly with your favourite influencers for a small fee. What’s more? We assure you of getting a reply.

What can Ear1
help you do?

Are you an individual looking to connect with an influencer without the hassle of waiting for the reply over a long time, or an influencer looking to filter your dm’s and connect with your audience, Ear1 has got you covered.

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From Tech to music to business, Ear1 has a wide range of industry experts in diverse fields you have always wanted to connect with. Now is your best chance.

Be assured of replies

With ear1, we assure you of getting a response to your messages. Don’t be part of the noise in the dms. Get ahead of the game by paying a small fee.

Chris Ekpenyong

Hey Boss, I am Charles an upcoming producer and I make beats which I’d like you to hear


Hey, Nice to meet you


I’m not looking to hire a producer now


Earn money while you chat

As an influencer, you get paid by your audience to connect with them. That way to maximize time while earning.

Femi Adekunle has paid and requested you

Filter the noise in the dm’s

Ear1 helps you get rid of all the noise in your dm’s across other social media apps. This way, you are sure to connect with serious people and make genuine business and personal connections.

The ear1 assurance

  • Easy to use

    With as simple of 3 steps, you can get started using ear1.

  • Multi currency support

    Ear1 allows you to pay with a wide range of currencies.

  • Secure communication

    State of the art end to end encryption of messages. No weird sort of tracking. Your privacy is our concern.

Get ahead of your game

Save time and effort. Ear1 is your best choice.